Apart from drinking there are various other factors that you need to be careful about while you are driving. And most of them involve are related to road safety tips which people usually ignore. These tips can be the difference between safe and rash driving. In this particular section of the website we will tell you about the basic road safety measures that you should always remember. In our campaign about drunken driving we also focus on these safety measures.

Road Safety


Different areas of the city have different speed limitations that is why following them to the T is important. These areas can be school zones, residential zones, and main highways. The speed limit is usually decided depending on the crowd and potential risk.

Speed Limit

Underage driving is not only a risky venture but is also illegal. Anyone who is below the age of 18 cannot drive and should not be handed over over a vehicle. Not even if it is a two wheeler. Also before achieving your driving licence make sure that you go through a learning phase.

Under Age Driving

Even if you are driving without being under influence child safety is still an important issue. Making sure that your car has all the relevant safety gear for your kids so that they can safely reach home is essential.

Child Safety

Like we said earlier different zones have different speed limits and making sure that the pedestrians walking on the sides of the road are safe is also a driver's responsibility. You should never drive to close to the sidewalk in order to avoid mishaps.

Pedestrian Safety

In case you want a motorcycle then it is important to have all the correct safety gear on you while you are riding. Unlike cars motorcycles do not have a casing around you which can save you if an accident happens. That is why it is important that you wear your safety gear.

Motorcycle Safety