Drunk Drive

Everyone needs a little help sometimes especially when there is alcohol involved. At Manchester Cat we believe in providing a helping hand to all those individuals who face issues like drinking and driving. Our aim is to make sure that people are aware about the risks involved in drunk driving and how it can have a bad effect on your entire life. Not only this our organisation also works towards helping people know about all the tips and tricks that they can use to safeguard themselves from drunk driving. With the help of our organisation they can even preach the same message forward.

Drunk Drive Damage

Another thing that makes our organisation stand out is the fact that we have created individual team so that we can help many people at the same time. Our team members also include former alcoholics who have suffered the adverse effect of drunk driving. They share their experience with every individual that comes to us for help. These personal stories can not only give you a real insight into the seriousness of the matter. But can also help you learn from different situations. It is also very important to make people realise about the different things that can happen in their life due to drinking and driving.

Apart from this Manchester Cat also collaborates with the cities police and law department so that we are able to make people realise the legal consequences of the same. Furthermore by getting proper information from the law department as to what different situations they face while coming across a driver under influence. We are able to create special sessions for the crowd where we impart this knowledge. The law department even gives us support by sharing information about the punishment and fine that one could incur if found driving under influence.

Local Notice About Community Training

While we typically focus on anti-drunk driving advocacy seminars, we've noticed that there's a need in the community for technial training, specifically, how to build websites. This is important because many people in the community build websites that are related to anti-drunk driving advocacy, and we want to help facilitate this.

With that said, we'll be hosting a DIY website building seminar that includes help from our friends at Web Hosting Professor, as well as Instructify. If you'd like to get a jump on the semimar and do some reading ahead of time on how to build websites, (including some special discounts that we're going to offer, take a look at the following resources:

  • Instructify.com/deals/wpengine-coupon
  • Webhostingprof.com/green-web-hosting
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    Overall Manchester Cat is an organisation that focuses on anti-drunk driving measures and helps people come out of it safely. It is even a great way to make your growing kids learn about the side effects of driving when they are not in their complete sense. For those of you who are interested in learning more about our organisation we suggest that you read the rest of the sections of this website. You can even get in touch with us if you have some questions or queries.