You might think that the only tip that can help you in case of drinking and driving is stopping the consumption of alcohol and other substances. However there are various other tips that you can use in case you still want to enjoy an occasional drink. Here is a list that we have created specially for you.


Designating a Driver

In case you going to a party then you can designate an individual who can bring you back home safely. This individual can be one of your friends who does not drink and is capable of staying in full control during such an occasion.

Staying Below the Limit

Having a few drinks is not illegal which is why if you still want to drive back home then make sure that you stay below the limit. Also you should be in control of your body and senses along with following the legal limit.

Taking a Cab

It is not always important that you drive yourself back home after drinking. There are various other alternatives available like public transport or taking a cab. This will make sure that you safely return home and do not put other people's life in danger.

Stay Where You Are

In case you do not have any alternative available for getting home after a party. Then the best thing to do is staying put where you already are. Make sure to sleep off the alcohol so that you do not harm yourself or anyone else.

Call Your Family or Friends

In case you cannot find a designated driver for yourself then calling your family to come and pick you up is another good tip to follow. There is no one better to depend on than your family members.

No Drunk Drive
Call Friend